UNICEF looking for Africa drone corridor leader

By Luke Geiver | March 16, 2017

If you are a committed, creative professional—and you know drones—UNICEF wants to hire you. UNICEF announced this week its plans to hire for humanitarian response efforts that will utilize drones in Malawi, the eastern African country. “UNICEF is looking at the future of drones,” the organization said. “Though they are a new technology, their potential use in imagery, connectivity and transport situations will be integral.”

Working with the government of Malawi, UNICEF has developed a dedicated corridor to test drones and how they can be used for humanitarian efforts. The corridor will be open to industry, universities and individuals who apply and meet the air corridor criteria. “As this has never been done before, we’re looking for a dynamic and experienced individual who can adapt as the situation demands and can further the goals of UNICEF,” the organization said.

At the corridor, UNICEF is looking for a lead to help build partnerships with drone manufacturers, the aviation industry, students and governments. The goal is to allow participating groups or individuals to test their technology, engage in skills transfer and training of Malawian engineers and publish the results of the testing.

Prior to leaving for Malawi, the lead would spend a month in New York in preparation for the trip. “This field is changing rapidly, and we’re looking for someone with the capacity to build new things in a complex environment, a knowledge of the commercial drone industry, and entrepreneurial or experience in the contexts in which UNICEF works.”

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