FAA video reminds new drone pilots how to fly safely

By Patrick C. Miller | December 01, 2016

With drone sales expected to triple over last year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a new video reminding those who receive drones during the holidays how to fly safely while following rules and regulations.

The video shows that before flying outdoors, new pilots must first register their drone at www.faa.gov/uas. Those planning to operate under the model aircraft rules will receive one identification number to apply to each drone. Non-modelers must register each of their drones individually.

The video also stresses that whether a drone is flown for recreation or business, safety is the pilot’s responsibility. Rules new pilots much follow include not flying over people, respecting the privacy of those on the ground, not flying near other aircraft and staying out of restricted airspace.

The video also educates new pilots on how to acquire the FAA’s B4UFLY smartphone app that provides the latest information about airspace restrictions where they intend to fly their drones.

The FAA now posts videos on YouTube and Facebook alerting UAS operators to “No Drone Zones” for such events as the Democratic and Republican national conventions, the Super Bowl and others.

The agency also has educational videos featuring FAA Administrator Michael Huerta instructing operators on how to apply for waivers under the Part 107 small UAS rule released in August and advising them on the options of flying under either Part 107 or a Section 333 exemption.

Last year during the holiday season, the FAA released a video to let new drone operators know that they were required to register their aircraft, in addition to providing basic rules such as staying below 400 feet and not flying beyond line of sight.