FlyMotion announces UAS mobile command and control center

By Patrick C. Miller | February 04, 2016

FlyMotion Unmanned Systems has unveiled TRIDENT, an unmanned aerial system (UAS) mobile command and control vehicle for public safety, media broadcast, emergency management and inspection operations.

"Several months ago, FlyMotion set out to design and engineer a UAS command and control vehicle that would become a new standard in the unmanned systems industry," said Maurice Cooley, the company’s vice president of technology.

The vehicle integrates LiveU video streaming technology for live video acquisition, management and distribution over the Internet. UAS applications include TV broadcasts, industrial inspections and law-enforcement, search and rescue and security operations.

TRIDENT enables users to pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with optical or thermal cameras from inside the vehicle. LiveU's hybrid bonded cellular technology enables live video captured by the UAV to be transmitted to any place in the world

FlyMotion, a Section 333 company based in Tampa, Florida, said these features make TRIDENT “an indispensable solution in mission critical situations where reliable capture and transmission of live video is required.”

"TRIDENT provides users with on-scene, rapid deployment functionality that allows for high-definition aerial scene analysis/monitoring in a matter of minutes,” Cooley noted. “Coupled with LiveU's state-of the-art video transmission capabilities, video can be shared quickly and easily."

Cooley cited TRIDENT's potential use for aiding first responders and relief organizations during natural disasters, explaining that the command and control vehicle is capable of launching a UAV within minutes upon arriving on site. Low-altitude aerial analysis and video can be transmitted to rescue teams to guide their efforts while minimizing risk, he said.

The TRIDENT vehicle incorporates SmartC2’s VirtualAirBoss business software to manage UAS operational data.

Stuart Rudolph, SmartC2 president and CEO, said VirtualAirBoss makes it easy for UAS pilots to schedule, plan and account for their mission, equipment, maintenance and reporting requirements, as well as their monthly COA reporting.

The command and control system's layout and equipment ecosystem—including a pair of 50-inch monitors with Smart board—are customized depending upon each client's needs and built into a range of different vehicular platforms.


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