World's first droneport is in operation in Nevada

By Ann Bailey | December 17, 2015

The world’s first commercial drone port and teaching facility is open in Boulder City, Nevada.

Aerodrome and Boulder City have partnered to open a droneport which is specifically for unmanned aircraft systems. The Eldorado Droneport will be similar to general aviation airports, but focused on unmanned aviation, rather than manned aviation, said Jonathan Daniels, Aerodome president.

When general aviation airports operate, they make special provisions for unmanned aerial systems, Daniels noted.

“With the droneport, we’re going to be the photo negative of that,” Daniels said.  “Our primary customers, private tenants and users, are unmanned aerial systems operators," he said. The Eldorado Droneoport will open up new aviation business opportunities, jobs and a new reputation for the U.S. as the world leader in UAS, Daniels sad.

The droneport’s location in Boulder City which is along two interstate highways, near parks and in an area where video is filmed, makes it uniquely situation to cover a variety of markets, Daniels said. Several companies which operate UAS have expressed interest in Eldorado Droneport and Aerodrome is seeking more customers, Daniels said. It also has reached out to federal agencies.

“We’re open to working with all of the test sites,” he added. The Aerodrome also has been in contact with ASSURE: FAA’s Center of Excellence for UAS Research, Daniels said.

The Eldorado Droneport is open to the public, but is privately operated. It offers training for UAS, provides FAA repairman and pilot certification and testing and offers educational, research and development services.

The Aerodrome campus in Henderson, Nevada, teaches E-learning programs and satellite programs for participants. The droneport can support civil entities with section 333s and special airworthiness certificates. It also will support hobby and recreational model aircraft flight, including specially-made UAS racing courses.

A five-acre parcel of the 50-acre droneport is operational. The droneport will be completed in about three years.

“We’re like a child. We’re born, but we’re still growing,” Daniels said.