Drone delivery service to transport packages to Canadian shop

By Ann Bailey | September 17, 2015

SHOP.CA has selected Drone Delivery Canada, a Toronto, Ontario-based drone delivery service, to transport packages to its customers.

Drone Delivery Canada, a technology company in Toronto, focuses on designing, developing and implementing a commercially viable drone industry within Canada. SHOP.CA, meanwhile, is a multi-merchant marketplace which is one of the country’s largest e-commerce destinations.

Drone Delivery Canada and SHOP.CA will begin testing and integrating the drone delivery service’s platform with SHOP.CA’s logistic framework.

The relationship between the two businesses will provide next generation UAV logistic services to Canadian customers, SHOP.CA said. The technology of Drone Delivery Service will provide just-in-time delivery for SHOP.CA customers who want immediate delivery, according to SHOP.CA.

“This partnership marks a milestone for our company,” Tony Di Benedetto, Drone Delivery Canada CEO said in a news release. “By embracing Drone Delivery Canada’s next generation drone technology we are further fortifying our commitment to innovation and adding value to our customers,” Di Benedetto noted.

Together, SHOP.CA and Drone Delivery Canada will bring a new level of experience to their country’s customers who will have more flexibility to have their orders immediately delivered, using Drone Delivery Canada’s next generation technology, said Trevor Newell, SHOP.CA founder and CEO.

The drone delivery service will be commercially available to customers after all the necessary government approvals have been obtained