Global manufacturing firm buys Ohio UAV service provider

By Luke Geiver | September 17, 2015

Lauren International, a global products manufacturer, has acquired Ohio-based unmanned aircraft vehicle solutions firm Theiss Aviation. The acquisition by Lauren marks its second UAV-related purchase since 2014, following its addition of a hobbyist UAV website last year.

Now renamed Theiss UAV Solutions LLC, Lauren will give the company funding for projects, production resources and a larger marketing presence through Lauren’s family of companies, according to Lauren.

Theiss, formed roughly two decades ago, will continue offering its drone services for autonomous flights for aerial imagery and data collections needed by a range of clients that includes utility firms, first responders, municipalities and agricultural markets. Theiss has established a presence in the industry through training and flight services.  Theiss also works with the U.S. Department of Defense. According to Theiss, the company also hopes to continue its progress in helping the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration set UAS guidelines.

“We would like to be instrumental in navigating the landscape for FAA regulations,” said Shawn Theiss, founder and general manager of Theiss UAV Solutions. “Drones are helpful tools for a variety of commercial applications and we want to help our clients learn how they can use UAVs to improve their everyday business in a safe manner.”

Chad Kapper, an executive at Lauren International that originally started a drone-based website purchased by Lauren in 2014, will serve as President of the newly named entity. “We want to build a network of software and hardware engineers, pilots and flight instructors and connect them with businesses that would benefit from using aviation technology,” Kapper said. “Theiss UAV solutions wants to bridge the gap between people who fly and businesses that need aerial data collection, enabling businesses to use UAV technology and cultivate a healthy relationship with the FAA.”

Details of the transaction were not disclosed.