UAV fuel cell tech developer achieves record multirotor flight

By Luke Geiver | July 09, 2015

EnergyOr Technologies Inc., a Canadian-based fuel cell developer, has recorded what it believes to be the longest multi-rotor flight ever. An unmanned aircraft vehicle flew for 3 hours, 43 minutes and 48 seconds, according to the company. The flight took place to demonstrate the company’s fuel cell systems.

“We are proud to maintain our position as the first company to apply hydrogen fuel cell systems to multirotor UAV applications and to have the world’s longest multirotor flights ever recorded,” Michel Bitton, CEO, said.

Formed in 2002, EnergyOr has worked with companies in countries across the world, including Israel and India along with its work in Canada.

Fuel cells generate electrical power by converting chemical energy of a fuel into electrical energy by way of an electrochemical reaction without combustion, according to EnergyOr. The company is focusing on proton exchange membrane fuel cells. It offers a number of fuel cell-UAV related products including systems, portable auxillary power units, a hydrogen filling station and a data and acquisition system.

Battery-powered multirotor UAVs have limited flight times due to the low energy capacity of the rechargeable batteries, Bitton said. “EnergyOr is currently seeking strategic partners to assist in commercializing our cutting-edge products and revolutionary technology.”

For a video of the 3-plus hour flight, click here.