Aspen Avionics expands UAS offerings through acquisition

By Emily Aasand | June 25, 2015

Aspen Avionics, a provider of Global Positioning Systems solutions, has acquired Accord Technology LLC from Accord India and AvValues LLC of Phoenix, Arizona. The two companies will operate as Aspen Avionics companies and Accord Technology will continue to supply Federal Aviation Administration-approved Original Equipment Manufacturer GPS solutions to the aerospace industry. The acquisition will expand Aspen Avionics’ geographic footprint to include a new administrative and production facility in Arizona.

“Accord’s expertise to design and develop solutions that meet NextGen and other performance-based navigation requirements, coupled with Aspen’s display offering, create the opportunity to provide unique solutions for all aerospace segments,” said John Uczekaj, president and CEO, Aspen Avionics.

Accord Technology was originally founded in 2008, and designs and manufactures GPS, with Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) such as the U.S.’s Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), receivers and sensors for OEM for all aerospace segments, on manned and unmanned platforms.

“This is a perfect blending of two companies known for their innovative culture,” said Shenoy Raghavendra, Accord Technology CEO. “Aspen and Accord share the same passion to develop aviation solutions that improve situational awareness and promote flight safety at an affordable price.”

Hal Adams, founder of AvValues will be executive vice president of business development for the combined companies and will work toward growing the NexNavTM product line, according to the company.

“Our combination of innovation and capabilities is unmatched in the aviation industry with the potential to deliver even more affordable, intuitive fight deck and avionics solutions,” said Adams. “This translates into meaningful benefits to owners and operators in all areas of manned and unmanned aviation.”

Nexa Capital Partners is also the creator of the UAS America Fund to provide funding to emerging commercial UAV companies. The fund, established in 2014, has over $2.2 billion in available financing. To date, Nexa has been active in helping to create technical and operational standards in the UAS industry, helping to finance long-term UAS infrastructure and raising capital for the industry.