Calif manufacturer now supplying fixed wing DIY or fly-ready UAV

By Luke Geiver | June 25, 2015

California-based Applied Aeronautics has officially begun distributing its fixed-wing unmanned aircraft vehicle “to the masses.” The Albatross UAV features a 10-foot wingspan, can reach speeds of 90 mph and has an endurance of roughly 2 hours. The UAV is made of composite material and is designed with built-in wing component bays.

The system was engineered with multiple models, a DIY kit and a ready to fly version that can autonomously take-off, fly and land. Thermal cameras for heat detection, NDVI cameras for crop health assessments or HD cameras for land surveying are also available.

According to Catherine Edmonds, director of marketing, the company created the system more than a year ago after failing to find an adequate system on the market. “We found that unless we were to dig deep into our pockets we were left to rely on an inferior product to meet the demands of our complex tasks. We were anything but satisfied with this reality,” she said.

The UAV platform can be purchased for $875. The ready to fly version runs $4800. The company also offers payload options, including a proprietary high definition video.