Aero Kinetics launches online platform for UAS sales

By Emily Aasand | June 11, 2015

Aero Kinetics, an aerospace and defense firm, has launched an online platform for customers to both lease and purchase the company’s unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The digital platform allows customers to purchase production positions for either leased or purchased aircraft and provides enterprise customers with detailed pricing information to determine the number of systems needed to implement into existing unmanned programs.

“Aero Kinetics’ base unmanned aircraft lease rates start at $3,999 per month, which includes maintenance, service and support,” said W. Hulsey Smith, CEO of Aero Kinetics. “With our market demand and order backlog continuing to increase, our clients asked for a way to reserve production positions. We are happy to deliver by offering position deposits for $499 per system.”

Competitive enterprise lease rates allow Aero Kinetics customers to incorporate unmanned platforms into their business operations without the burden of significant capex costs. The company adds, that by offering fixed monthly leases for domestic customers, corporate users are able to rapidly develop and deploy unmanned aircraft without the headaches of maintaining the fleet or the capital cost incurred on the balance sheet.

“We are essentially the United Rentals or NetJets of unmanned aircraft,” says Smith. “We provide companies and enterprise customers with a customized solution that is easy to implement. No other company offers a spare aircraft while your UAS undergoes maintenance. We do. No other company offers cost-free system upgrades to a new generation UAS during your lease term. We do. Those offerings are just the tip of the iceberg. Aero Kinetics provides the only turn-key solution for companies looking into their business operations.”

Aero Kinetics Organic Personal Use Unmanned System (OPUUS) provide clients a platform to capture and generate real-time content to support information-based decisions. All Aero Kinetics OPUUS systems are delivered to customers with a support agreement that includes: aircraft liability insurance, service packs, upgrades, spare systems, training, system maintenance and 24/7 support.

The Texas-based company provides three unmanned systems including the Little Bear UAS, Big Bear UAS and the Apollo UAS. The Little Bear UAS has tethered and free-flight configurations, where the Big Bear UAS has a ducted propulsion design. Both have autonomous return-to-home and land functionality and have flight times up to 35 minutes. The Apollo UAS has an open rotor design, as well as tethered and free-flight configurations. Its design is optimized for endurance, payload capacity and maneuverability and the unmanned platform has up to 60 minutes of flight time. 

Along with manufacturing UAS platforms, providing maintenance and working with its Special Missions Group, Aero Kinetics also provides aviation consulting to an array of clients who are in pursuit of maximizing the safety, productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their respective aviation operations.


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