Botlink releases beta version of UAV control software

By Patrick C. Miller | May 21, 2015

Software developer Botlink has released a free beta version of a program designed to assist unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators fly safely and remain in compliance with U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

The company said the application enables drone operators to control multirotor or fixed-wing UAVs through an interface that provides real-time FAA data. The program uses overlays showing locations of manned aircraft, as well as the controlled airspace around airports.

“It’s great to bring this technology to market,” said Shawn Muehler, Botlink CEO. “We’re hoping to increase situational awareness and simplify regulations for operators.”

Muehler said his development team is currently working on distributing data from the UAV back to the operator’s device, in addition to solutions allowing users to safely fly their drones beyond line of sight—a major issue in the industry.

Botlink’s cloud-based platform features fully-automated drone control with manual drag-and-drop hand flying from a smartphone or tablet. The controls are coupled with real-world safety features which include manned and unmanned aircraft overlays, aircraft avoidance alerts, traffic advisories and airspace advisory warnings in controlled airspace.

Based in Fargo, North Dakota, Botlink was founded by a group of former military pilots and sensor operators who saw the need to prevent catastrophic airliner accidents by improving the level of safety in UAV operations. The team includes professional pilots, software developers and communicators.


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