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S02 E06 UAS Summit Panel Preview: Dr. Zachary Krevor, Stratolaunch
Featuring Dr. Zachary Krevor, CEO & President of Stratolaunch
September 26, 2023

S02 E05 UAS Summit Panel Preview: Kraettli Epperson, CEO of Vigilant Aerospace Systems
Featuring Kraettli Epperson, CEO of Vigilant Aerospace Systems
September 25, 2023

S02 E04 UAS Summit Panel Preview: Kaleb Dschaak, Fenworks
Featuring Kaleb Dschaak, CEO of Fenworks
September 11, 2023

S02 E03 The Necessity of Protecting Essential Infrastructure Sites from Negligent or Malicious Drone Operators
Featuring Grant Jordan, CEO at SkySafe
July 24, 2023

S02 E02 The In’s and Out’s of UAS Contracts with the U.S. Government
Featuring Kevin Pomfret, Attorney at Williams Mullen
April 27, 2023

S02 E01 The Importance of Asset Inspection in the Drone Industry
Featuring Gray Byers, Chief Business Officer at Thread
February 22, 2022

S01 E17 The OSNMAplus Project and the Safe Integration of UAS in the Airspace
Featuring Laura Garcia-Junceda, Flight Control Engineer at UAV Navigation and Carlo Sarto, Head of Security Engineering at Qascom
December 21, 2022

S01 E16 Using UAS to Map Greenhouse Gases
Featuring Noel Heiks, VP of Sensing & Data for Censys Technologies
November 28, 2022

S01 E15 COMP4DRONES Project: Exploring Cellular Network-Connected Drone Technologies
Featuring Gints Jakovels, Innovation Lead, UAS/UTM Development & Solutions at LMT
November 8, 2022

S01 E14 Dedrone’s Detection Solutions and UAS Legislation and Protection Strategies
Featuring Mary-Lou Smulders, Chief Marketing Officer at Dedrone
November 1, 2022

S01 E13 FlightOps: Confronting Challenges Impacting Drones and the Air Mobility Market
Featuring Shay Levy, Founder & CEO, FlightOps
September 30, 2022

S01 E12 Drone Regulatory Update from AUVSI: FAA BVLOS ARC Recommendations, Upcoming Legislation and AUVSI’s New Initiative
Featuring Michael Robbins, Executive Vice President of Government &
Public Affairs, AUVSI
September 30, 2022

S01 E11 Panel Preview: Starting Up in North Dakota: A Live Case Study
Featuring Nicholas Flom, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting
September 28, 2022

S01 E10 Exploring the UAS Ecosystem in North Dakota
Featuring Matt Dunlevy, Founder, SkySkopes
September 22, 2022

S01 E09 The Need for Flexible Mobile Drone Detection Solutions
Featuring Linda Ziemba, Founder and CEO, AeroDefense
September 21, 2022

S01 E08 Panel Preview: Weather and the Impact on BVLOS Flights
Featuring Dawn Zoldi with P3 Tech Consulting, Tom Swoyer with Grand Sky, Don Berchoff with TrueWeather Solutions and Captain Gage Buchli with 319th Reconnaissance Wing at the Grand Forks Air Force Base
September 20, 2022

S01 E07 The Importance of Dual-Use Startups in the UAS Industry
Featuring Aaron Pierce, CEO, Pierce Aerospace
September 14, 2022

S01 E06 Session Preview: The Role of a C2CSP in Larger Scale Drone Operations
Featuring Cyriel Kronenburg, Vice President International Development & Strategic Partnerships, uAvionix
September 13, 2022

S01 E05 UAS Associated Elements: Why so Important?
Featuring Shawn Bullard, CEO, Duetto Group
September 9, 2022

S01 E04 Utilizing Angel Networks to Seed Capital for UAS Startups
Featuring Craig Mahaney, Executive Director, UAS Cluster Initiative/UAS Angel Network
September 2, 2022

S01 E03 Auterion’s 2022 Consumer Attitudes on Drone Delivery Report
Featuring Romeo Durscher, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Auterion
August 10, 2022

S01 E02 UAS Summit Panel Preview: Terri Zimmerman
Featuring Terri Zimmerman, CEO of Packet Digital and Botlink
August 2, 2022

S01 E01 Reviewing the Domestic Counter-UAS National Action Plan
Featuring Jeffrey Starr, D-Fend Solutions
July 8, 2022