Inside January/February 2016


The UAS Classroom

BY Ann BaileyFrom technology breakthroughs to new company launches, university UAV work is vast, varied and more valuable than ever before. These schools have proven why UAS industry breakthroughs could happen in the classroom. READ MORE

UAS Life After the 333

BY UAS Magazine Staff Two UAS companies with different offerings explain the impact of receiving a 333 exemption and how business life has changed. READ MORE

Rising to the occasion: UAS for emergency, disaster relief

BY Patrick C. MillerUAS are rapidly becoming an important tool for disaster response teams and emergency service units, but are they being used to their greatest potential? READ MORE

UAS News

Early-Year UAS Buzz

BY UAS Magazine Staff From spectrum, to standards to the FAA's NPRM, their will be several major moments or industry changes in 2016. READ MORE