Inside Q2-2015


The Big Small UAV Industry

BY Emily AasandWith the recently published small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, the small UAS industry is rapidly expanding and entities are now finding their commercial niche. READ MORE

Transforming Our Perception of Drones

BY Patrick C. MillerThe Ikhana, NASA’s unmanned aerial vehicle—a UAV long linked to the image of a drone—serves science while paving the way for UAS integration into the national airspace with sense-and-avoid testing. READ MORE


UAS Test Sites: The Evolution Continues

BY UAS Magazine Staff From unmanned aircraft systems tech park groundbreakings to historic unmanned aircraft vehicle flights, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s designated test sites are starting to realize their respective potential on the U.S. UAS industry. READ MORE

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Growing UAS research fields

BY UAS Magazine Staff Research efforts connecting unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with precision agriculture applications continue to mount. Research initiatives led by both the private and public parties are highlighting the connection between UAS and ag. READ MORE

Software innovations improve public, UAS safety

BY UAS Magazine Staff Whether its a 2-pound quadcopter flying 50 feet off the ground or a 13-ton Global Hawk operating in the stratosphere, all unmanned aerial systems (UAS) need software to operate safely. These offerings are helping. READ MORE

State laws impact UAS use by law enforcement

BY UAS Magazine Staff Are states going too far in passing legislation restricting the conditions under which law enforcement agencies can operate unmanned aerial systems (UAS)? These legal and law enforcement experts weigh in. READ MORE

Infographic: FAA UAS exemptions

BY UAS Magazine Staff From September 2014 to April 3, 2014, nearly 100 entities were granted a FAA UAS exemption to operate commercially. April, however, marked the beginning of an exemption trend that will drastically increase the number of UAS exempt firms. READ MORE