Inside December 2014


UAV's Made In Detroit

BY Emily AasandDetroit Aircraft and Lockheed Martin have partnered to revive Detroit and provide first-responders with emerging UAV technology. The partnership reveals how distributors can work with major UAV manufacturers. READ MORE

Enhancing The View

BY Patrick C. MillerWhen the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration gave six aerial photo and video production companies exemptions for the commercial use of unmanned aerial systems, was it a significant step forward or a case of too little too late? READ MORE


Textron Systems Aims At Commercialization

BY Patrick C. MillerTextron makes a myriad of products for both the military and civilian markets, ranging from power tools to unmanned minesweepers for the U.S. Navy. The company explains its efforts to enter the civilian commercial UAS market. READ MORE

UAS law firms take different approaches

BY Emily AasandFrom operations to liability, UAS law firms are providing several forms of guidance for UAS-linked businesses and private operators. These three firms explain the current trends in UAS law. READ MORE

UAS News

DroneDeploy launches smartphone tech

BY The UAS Magazine Staff