How To Finance Your Commercial Drone Needs

By Luke Geiver | February 02, 2017

Not all exciting new announcements in the UAS world are related to interesting, inspired or valuable new use-cases for drones. This week we received a note from a Colorado-based drone services firm about some news our readers would find interesting. Well, we agreed. Posted on our site now is the full press release the company provided. In a nutshell, the company has tapped into an issue that isn’t typically addressed: for many firms trying to find commercial success, the UAS sector can be expensive.

The team from Juniper Unmanned certainly recognized that. They have partnered with an award-winning financing firm and a major aerospace insurance provider to bring debt financing options to drone teams in need of new, different or additional equipment. The loans from Ascentium can also be used on soft costs—like training, education, warranty or maintenance.

As our team has learned in talking to the smaller UAV firms, it isn’t easy to go to the bank and get a loan for a new fixed wing, software package or other drone-related need. Of course it is always great that industry operators will now have more access to insurance for platforms and liability from flights, but the real story here is the financing piece. Having the tool (capital) necessary to make operation expansions or upgrades is a huge bonus for the industry. Thank you for sending over the news team Juniper and we look forward to talking with you soon in more detail. Check out the release here.