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April 18, 2016

UAS: The Must-Have Survey Tool

Engineers, surveyors and UAS entities explain the real-life work case for UAVs from experience gained in the field. READ MORE

February 04, 2016

Oregon representative introduces UAS to speed up regs

The UAS industry is booming in Oregon and across the U.S., but laws and regulations are stifling it, encouraging U.S. companies to look overseas to test new technology, Congressman Earl Blumenauer said. READ MORE

February 04, 2016

Austin Fire Department operating UAS resembling fire truck

The Austin (Texas) Fire Department Robotics Emergency Deployment team is using a UAS to improve firefighter safety and its response to emergencies. READ MORE

February 04, 2016

Aerialtronics develops UAS with sense and avoid technology

Aerialtronics has developed sense and avoid technology for its Altura Zenith. The sense and avoid technology developed by the Dutch company will help the UAS to stay away from objects during inspections that include telecommunication towers, buildin READ MORE

February 04, 2016

Switzerland's Flyability UAS can manuever in tight places

Swiss UAS developer Flyability, has developed an unmanned aircraft that can conduct search and rescue in glacier crevasses and other places dangerous for humans due to its unique outer protection infrastructure. READ MORE

January 28, 2016

Woolpert adds Kespry Drone System for commercial mapping

Woolpert has selected Kespry Inc. to supply commercial UAS systems to support its site surveying and mapping needs. Based in California, Kespry has developed a out-the-box system for commercial engineers and surveyors. READ MORE

January 28, 2016

UAS startup Apellix focusing on dangerous painting jobs

Apellix founder Robert Dahlstrom believes he has developed a UAS system that can save lives, especially those related to the painting of transmission towers or in the holds of ships. READ MORE

January 21, 2016

The UAS Classroom

From technology breakthroughs to new company launches, university UAV work is vast, varied and more valuable than ever before. These schools have proven why UAS industry breakthroughs could happen in the classroom. READ MORE

January 21, 2016

Farmers at Precision Agriculture summit learn about UAS

Though regulatory work and improvements remain before farmers can incorporate UAS into their operations, they're eager to learn about them, judging by attendance at UAS sessions at Jamestown, N.D. precision agriculture summit. READ MORE

January 21, 2016

Sharper Shape eyes United States utility market.

Sharper Shape, a UAS company founded in Finland, has put down roots in North Dakota soil. Tero Heinonen, Sharper Shape founder and CEO, this winter re-located his business to the University of North Dakota Center for Innovation in Grand Forks. READ MORE