Siemens collaborates with VTOL drone maker Paragon

By Siemens Digital Industries Software | July 09, 2019

The need for increased performance and reduced time-to-market has led Paragon VTOL Aerospace, a global vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft provider for numerous industries, to adopt solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software for its product development process. Paragon produces industry-specific drone hardware ranging from security applications for agricultural theft and commuter law adherence to human passenger drones. Paragon is also partnering with Aerotropolis Jamaica, a national project spearheaded by Michael Henry in the Office of the Prime Minister, to build an ecosystem for Urban Air Mobility (UAM). The company plans to reduce the time and cost of its product development and testing through implementation of key technology from Siemens. 

“Our vision is to provide a portfolio of intellectual property, industry specific drones, human passenger drones, and virtual highway platforms in Jamaica,” said Paragon VTOL founder and oil executive Dwight Smith, a native Jamaican and American citizen. “We currently have plans to implement software and hardware programs in 2019 and begin testing their two to four passenger drones by year-end 2019.” 

Paragon has been developing their platform and much of the technology through collaboration with Siemens Digital Industries Software, major American universities, Silicon Valley experts, and ex-military personnel. Siemens Digital Industries Software is providing an integrated set of software solutions for Paragon to design, test, produce, and monitor its extensive range of drone systems, as part of Siemens’ new Aerospace Startup Program. The goal of this new program is for Siemens to partner with new businesses in Aerospace emerging technology markets, provide market-leading CAD and CAE software solutions, and help startups embrace digitalization in product development. This can ultimately help disruptive startups bring products to market faster, with less cost and decreased risk, while leveraging the Siemens ecosystem. 

“The Aerospace industry is changing rapidly,” said Bobby Blackmon, Director of Aerospace & Defense at Siemens Digital Industries. “Companies like Paragon are bringing new, emerging technology to market and changing the way we view the world. Siemens is proud to provide solutions from our market-leading Digital Innovation Platform to Paragon as part of our Aerospace Start-up Program.”

Siemens Digital Industries presents the Aerospace & Defense Startup Program, which provides full access to an integrated PLM solution of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. The available software bundles were assembled with A&D startup businesses in mind and offered to ensure startups can leverage these essential tools at affordable price points.

As an A&D startup, partnering with Siemens provides an array of benefits. The startup bundles will enable you to create a virtual representation (Digital Twin) of your product to optimize the design and simulation process. Perfecting your product design in a virtual setting ensures that you’re mitigating problems before spending a dime on physical prototypes, decreasing your time in production while ensuring strict data management for certification requirements.