Resolute Eagle UAS to be equipped with TASE400 LD system

By Patrick C. Miller | October 23, 2018

The UTC Aerospace Systems TASE400 LD optical and laser designation payload system has been selected by PAE ISR to equip its Resolute Eagle unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

The TASE400 LD is produced by TASE Imaging Systems, part of UTC Aerospace Systems headquartered in Hood River, Oregon. On-board video processing with image stabilization, overlays, picture-in-picture and enhancement capability are integrated into the system. It also includes an-board global positioning system/inertial navigation system with integrated geo-pointing and ViewPoint tactical processing.

The Resolute Eagle is a reconfigurable Group 3 UAS that comes in two configurations—standard and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). It has a flight endurance of 12 to more than 18 hours—depending on configuration—and can carry a 75-pound payload. The platform has the capability to fly line-of-sight and beyond-visual-line-of-sight missions for law enforcement, homeland security, humanitarian and commercial applications.

"The TASE400 LD provides operators with day/night, visible/mid-wave infrared (MWIR) imaging capabilities for improved situational awareness and an optimized lens design for enhanced object recognition," said Jake Jacobs, PAE ISR chief technology officer. "Weighing in at 10.6 pounds and only seven inches in diameter, this system provides unmanned aircraft operators with a light weight option that provides true day/night reconnaissance and targeting capability."

Based in Stirling, Virginia, PAE ISR provides intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions and services to U.S. government agencies, NATO and other international organizations.  UTC Aerospace Systems designs, manufactures and services systems and components, and provides integrated solutions for commercial, regional, business and military aircraft, helicopters and other platforms.

The Resolute Eagle is runway independent and offers the VTOL configuration for deployment and recovery in challenging conditions, including maritime and special forces operations. The aircraft also features a very low acoustic signature at mission altitudes, a small logistical footprint and significant power onboard for multi-intelligence payload integration.

"The TASE400 LD is the latest addition to the Resolute Eagle platform,” said Beth Beach, PAE ISR vice president of business development. "We are pleased to be one of the first companies offering this critical functionality in a highly capable, cost effective platform."

The system's laser designator is compatible with all NATO guided munitions and semi-active laser seekers and is fully compliant with NATO STANAG 3733 requirement for low power consumption and high-output energy, providing operators with extreme precision at long ranges.