Electric aviation record setter furthers drone delivery system

By Luke Geiver | March 13, 2018

An electric aviation pioneer that founded a drone company in 2012 continues to secure its place in the drone-based delivery world. Yates Electrospace Corp., a California firm formed by an engineer that set a record for the fastest flight by an electric airplane by reaching 200 mph, just received its eighth patent. The newest patent granted is for “Airborne Drone Delivery Network and Method of Operating Same.” The patent, according to the company, supports its proprietary and trademarked Silent Arrow drone glider capable of moving roughly 700 pounds.

The disposable drone delivery system is meant to be airdropped. The storage compartments of the unit can hold life-saving supplies, medicine and equipment. Earlier this year the company received a government contract for 10 Silent Arrow units. A different, reusable system can be used and flown off of improvised airfields.

The U.S. Marine Corps has started a 12-month test program of the electric-powered disposable glider through the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory.

“This seminal patent extends our single-use cargo business into the electric powered, multi-mission space where we were early thought leaders,” said Chip Yates, CEO and founder. “Our R&D group invented the technology and filed for this patent four years ago, before drone delivery was the hot topic it is today, which underscores our long-standing excitement and vision for an electric, connected future.”