Global surveying firm selects SimActive’s UAS data software

By Luke Geiver | March 31, 2016

Following the purchase of a high-end unmanned aircraft vehicle this year, globally-focused surveying and information provider Groupe FIT is adding a high-end software system to process the UAV-captured data. GeoFIT Americas, a subsidiary of the French-based Groupe FIT, has purchased SimActive’s Correlator 3D software, becoming one many firms in the past two years that has added UAS surveying and data processing solutions to its offerings. 

“With our acquisition of a high-end drone, we needed comparable software to complete our solution,” said Sylvain Laroche, operations director for GeoFIT Americas. “Following analysis of various solutions on the market, the SimActive product rapidly emerged as our choice.” 

The software relies on aerial triangulation and produces dense digital surface models, digital terrain models, point clouds, orthomosaics and vectroized 3D features. The system also utilizes multi-core computer processing units that allows for fast creation of imagery or data sets for the user. A standard PC is needed for the software and multiple users can input requests into the software. The SimActive team also provides support to any software customer looking for custom solutions. 

Like Group FIT, SimActive has clients across the globe, ranging from small businesses to major government organizations. According to SimActive, the system was originally developed for projects comprising tens of thousands of large-format images (250 megapixels each). And, the software’s unique algorithms allow it to rapidly process unlimited amounts of data. 

“Groupe FIT has been at the forefront of the European photogrammetry market for decades,” said Philippe Simard, president of SimActive. In addition to serviing U.S. clients, Groupe FIT also works in Qatar, The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Hong Kong, Nepal and Sudan. “SimActive remains the only viable solution for this category,” Simard also said.