Global aerospace firm enters UAS traffic management sector

By Luke Geiver | December 31, 2015

Serving more than 125 airlines around the world, including the top 5 in North America, and working with 200 corporate aviation customers wasn’t enough for PASSUR Aerospace. The Connecticut-based company wants to add unmanned aircraft systems entities to its client base. 

This month, PASSUR released a software-based service that will aid in drone traffic management. The new service will help UAS clients utilize the same system PASSUR utilizes for its main National Airspace System. According to the company, the service will help drone operators better understand “how the commercial airspace operates, including its capabilities and limitations, and ensure that they quickly become connected and informed stakeholders within the aviation community.” 

“We believe PASSUR Aerospace can bridge the gap between the way the National Airspace System actually works and how commercial drone operators envision it working,” the company said. 

Leo Prusak, vice president of air traffic management products and safety, said the company’s NAS user community operates everyday on its platform. 

Jim Barry, president and CEO of PASSUR, noted that the company’s platform, historical database and air traffic expertise have already been used to assimilate other new technology into the NAS. “PASSUR has a 15-year track record of being successful in bridging the needs of disparate stakeholders—and helping them collaborate productively,” adding that, “We believe we can do the same for the emerging commercial drone and UAS sector.” 

PASSUR’s UAS service will provide the following capabilities, among others:
-Operational plan development
- Airspace management services
- Flight and airspace data visualization, fusion, and analytics
- Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)
- Air traffic flow management and optimization
- Route planning and irregular operation mitigation
- Congestion avoidance management
- Strategic and tactical mission objectives, coordination, communication, and approval

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