Strat Aero acquires Aero Kinetics

By Ann Bailey | December 10, 2015

International aerospace company Strat Aero has acquired Fort Worth, Texas-based Aero Kinetics.

Aero Kinetics annouced a deal with Strat Aero US Holdings, Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Strat Aero PLC. Aero Kinetics was the first company to file for Federal Aviation Administration Type Certification for multi-rotor unmanned aircraft.

The acquisition of Aero Kinetics, valued at $24 million with incentives, will create expansion in the UAS sector which will allow Aero Kinetics to broaden its U.S. reach while working with Strat Aero to deliver advanced technologies to its clients, Aero Kinetics said in a news release.

“We are excited to move forward with Stat Aero, widening our global reach and breaking new ground in the unmanned aircraft space,” W. Hulsey Smith, Aero Kinetics chief executive office said. “Our company has been at the leading edge in one of the most promising, fastest-growing sectors of aerospace in decades.

Aero Kinetics deal with Strat Aero boosts the resources of Aero Kinetics, whose client roster includes Fortune 100 companies, to build better UAS, improve customer experience and grow in the global market, Aero Kinetics said.

Aero Kinetics offers a full unmanned aircraft solution to its clients, fully integrating unmanned aircraft into their client’s business operations as a service, Tony Dunleavy, CEO Strat Aero PLC said in the news release.  Strat Aero has significant unmet demand in its sales pipeline and that, together with operational and flight training expertise, will enhance the business model of Aero Kinetics and increase its market share, Dunleavy said.

Aero Kinetics’ parent company will retain its Special Missions, Aircraft Maintenance and Aviation consulting business units which will be rebranded in the first quarter of 2016, Aero Kinetics said.