Kansas students will operate AgEagle UAS for precision ag project

By Ann Bailey | November 19, 2015

A group of students in Kansas are pairing with some of the state’s farmers on a precision agriculture project that will use UAS to capture crop images.

AgEagle Aerial Systems of Kansas and Nebraska sold an AgEagle Rapid UAS to the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center. The center, commonly known as Greenbush, provides leadership and educational opportunities to people of all ages.

“The school is physically near our home base and we wanted to support their initiative and get involved,” said Bret Chilcott, AgEagle Aerial Systems founder and CEO. The AgEagle Rapid UAS the students will operate processes images while the unmanned aircraft is flying so by the time it lands, the images are assembled, Chilcott said.

As many as 12 students from each of the southeast Kansas school districts of Eric-Galesburg, Girard and Labette County will work with farmers on the Greenbush precision agriculture project UAS project.

Students already are working with farmers to identify pieces of land that they will capture images of during the project, said Lisa Blair, Southeast Kansas Education Service Center Science, director of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or STEM program.

The project’s first UAS flight is scheduled Dec. 2, Blair said.  During that project, students will get experience in operating the UAS. In spring and summer 2016, the students will fly the AgEagle Rapid UAS over the cropland they and the farmers identified.

The project is designed to help students gain awareness of the wide variety of technology that can be beneficial to agriculture, Blair said. Meanwhile, the students also will get hands-on experience in using UAS. The project also will benefit farmers because they will get have an opportunity to learn about how UAS can be used in precision agriculture, she said.

“We can hardly wait to get it going and fly with the kids and the farmers,” Blair said. “We’re thrilled that we will be able to do this.”