Sentera gets UAS exemption, teams with Canadian distributor

By Patrick C. Miller | November 12, 2015

Canadian company Gap Wireless has added Sentera LLC unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and data management solutions to its product inventory for the mobile broadband and test measurement markets.

Gap Wireless—headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario—distributes products and services throughout Canada. Minneapolis-based Sentera also announced that it has received a Section 333 exemption from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The exemption allows Sentera to operate multiple types of commercially-available unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Applications will include crop survey, infrastructure inspection, geospatial mapping and other aerial imaging missions.

“While most exemption holders focus on providing revenue-generating flight services, Sentera flies primarily to demonstrate our products to customers and to gather and analyze aerial data,” said Eric Taipale, Sentera CEO.

Sentera’s exemption for both fixed-wing and quadcopter UAVs enable the company to capture a wide range of data types relevant to customer applications. These include very high resolution visual, multispectral and thermal imagery, as well as specialized non-image information.

According to Gap Wireless, Sentera’s OnTop Platform for desktop and mobile applications will enable cellular and broadcast providers across Canada to efficiently manage large quantities of data collected during tower inspections.

Gap Wireless will distribute Sentera’s sensors and UAS along with other industry-supported UAVs to enable site inspections of cell and broadcast antennas.

Sentera—a designer of sensors, software and UAS—developed the OnTop Platform to make UAS data shareable in a timely manner. It offers a means of managing millions of images for infrastructure inspection and precision agriculture, the company’s two primary areas of focus.

The platform includes a mobile app and desktop client that automatically sync with each other. All imagery is saved to a secure encrypted cloud server. Once uploaded, it’s available instantly anywhere in the world.

Glenn Poulos, vice president and general manager of Gap Wireless, said OnTop maximizes the value of captured images while Sentera’s UAS enable the broadcast and cellular industries to adopt safer inspection processes.

The platform enhances closeout packages, site and tower inspections, equipment audits, historical analysis and tenancy. Users can annotate and tag imagery, then share the photos with teams and organizations, enabling tower owners, builders, climbers, and service providers to build a network of data points and unlock the data contained within inspection imagery.


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