Microsoft, Aeryon team on high-tech patrol vehicle with UAV

By Patrick C. Miller | October 29, 2015

Canada-based Aeryon Labs Inc. and Microsoft have formed a technology partnership that pairs the Aeryon SkyRanger small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) with an advanced patrol vehicle being developed for law enforcement and emergency personnel.

Known as the Microsoft Advanced Patrol Platform (MAPP) vehicle, it connects the driver with information such as dispatch instructions, driving directions, missing person reports, crime bulletins, statistics and shift reports. It also includes a voice-activated license plate reader among its features.

The Aeryon SkyRanger provides high-quality aerial imagery to first responders, surveillance teams and investigators, giving them the real-time intelligence needed to assess a situation, ensure safety on the ground and gather detailed evidence and forensics.

According to Microsoft, MAPP’s user-friendly design was developed with feedback from law enforcement officers. For the first time, they will have a wealth of information available through a single application portal they can access on both a Windows 10 Getac tablet and the officer’s mobile device.

Aeryon said the SkyRanger quadcopter is designed to military and government specifications. The integrated platform is based on successful customer exercises and missions around the world. It can be transported and launched by one person and has a flight time of up to 50 minutes. SkyRanger can provide real-time digital video to any device, including mobile devices with network access.

“Law enforcement organizations throughout the world rely on Aeryon sUAS to collect aerial intelligence wherever and whenever they need it,” said Dave Kroetsch, Aeryon president and CEO. “Including SkyRanger within the MAPP vehicle rounds out the comprehensive suite of technologies and highlights the value of aerial intelligence for ground-based personnel.”

Microsoft said its MAPP vehicle sets “a new technological standard in policing and helps officers operate with better awareness, efficiency, mobility, and safety.”


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