CNN adds New Zealand UAV manufacturer to pathfinder work

By Luke Geiver | October 01, 2015

The Delta X8, a multirotor designed and manufactured by New Zealand-based Altus Unmanned Aerial Solutions, will be put to use by media giant CNN. After meeting with Altus in May, CNN commenced a series of discussions and tests to determine the functionality and safety options of the unmanned aircraft vehicle platform.

Altus has been working with a partner in the U.S., Blue Chip Unmanned Aerial Solutions. Blue Chip has been flying and testing the platform with its U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Section 333 exemption to operate a UAV commercially for aerial filming and photography.

Blue Chip will provide the CNN team with training on the platform. All entities involved will also report their work to the FAA through the Pathfinder program. Earlier this year CNN was chosen to participate in a unique program designed to give the FAA information, data and real-world experience on how UAVs can be operated safely above crowds.

In Wichita, Kansas, Blue Chip has been testing the Delta X8 at the National Institute of Aviation Research.

The Delta X8 has an 8-rotor brushless motor system paired with a dual autopilot and emergency recovery parachute. According to Altus, there is not a safer multirotor platform available on the market today.